Island of Syros, Greece

June 29, 2017 - July 28, 2017

2017 Application Acceptance DEADLINE EXTENDED: January 15th, 2017
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The Greek Opera Studio, founded in 2010 by General Director Eilana Lappalainen, is in conjunction with the International Festival of the Aegean, MidAmerica Productions (New York), MidAm International (Central Europe), and ELArtists. It is a summer classical vocal program suited to young artists focusing on entering the world of opera at a career entry level, as well as advanced university music students interested in intensive training and stage development between semesters. The application process will place and divide the young artists into three categories: Resident Artists, Young Artists, and Apprentice Artists. Each applicant will be selected and positioned to their level of vocal development to assist in proper placement and casting for the summer season. Casting is based on the idea of a German-based opera ensemble, representing every voice type, which allows each participant performance opportunities as one would find in German opera houses. The program keeps the group in one unit. At the same time, it gives the artists the training and performance experience needed to advance one’s individual talents. Possible performance opportunities may include the main stage for the International Festival of the Aegean.  

In previous years, new positions have been added to the program for apprentice conductors and pianists. Applicants applying for such positions must prepare the application requirements which include MP4 video clips. The program details for these applicants will vary in time and positioning, pending on the Festival or studio assignments. If chosen, conductors and pianists would be cast for specific productions, as well as have direct training as assistants with the festival staff, main stage productions, and main stage directors. Conductors and pianists would be directly connected with the Greek Opera Studio singers in coachings and rehearsals.      

The vocal participants in the Greek Opera Studio will be scheduled for daily study and rehearsals for an entire month, on the beautiful island of Syros, Greece. They will have the opportunity to study and work with a high-level international staff in language, voice, and stage craft. The possible performance opportunities to be cast include: some roles in the International Festival of the Aegean main stage production Madama Butterfly, all covers for the main stage production, all roles in the Greek Opera Studio Don Giovanni production, as well as covers for the Greek Opera Studio production, musical theatre performance, concerts, covers or roles for oratorio concerts with orchestra, children's opera performance (all roles and covers), Lieder Abend, and each Greek Opera Studio participant will perform in the scenes production of the Greek Opera Studio Gala.

The participants perform in concerts and recitals around the island, and will be featured in scenes for the final Gala at the Apollo Theater (La Piccola Scala) which celebrated it's 150th Anniversary in 2014. The Greek Opera Studio singers will also be able to sing and work with Lieder specialists from Vienna and London, preparing the annual Lieder Abend. This merging of professionals and the studio, allows the GOS participants to be in direct contact with international artists and rehearsals on a daily basis. The final performance of the International Festival of the Aegean will be the Greek Opera Studio Gala, a presentation of staged scenes for all Greek Opera Studio participants. This performance has huge interest for the Festival public.

A secondary program merged with GOS and accepting only Greek Residents (presenting a Greek passport and residency papers) is offered with varying participation throughout the summer program. The application process is the same as for the international young artists. However, conditions, housing, the number of classes, and roles may vary. All applications for the residents are set individually, pending on the acceptance after the application process. The young artists private circumstances will be taken into consideration for such scholarship discounts. The support of Greek Artists, the Greek culture and voice, is given as a gift from a private sponsor, subsidizing a portion of the application fee. The mission is to advance international and Greek cultural exchange, for those young artists interested in the vocal art form. A small Greek Opera Studio Syros chorus, has also been created for this reason, and supported by the General Director, Eilana Lappalainen and the Friends of the Festival. These Greek residents are included in the GOS Gala.       

The Greek Opera Studio will provide private coachings, private voice, public Master Classes, movement/dance classes, acting training, oratorio classes, language, career placement and audition presentation. The staff will include teachers and artists who have worked in the worlds most respected music and opera venues such as Carnegie Hall, La Scala, San Francisco Opera/ballet, the Deutsche Oper, Stuttgart Opera, Vienna State Opera, Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Weimar, Essen and many other German Opera houses. The selected staff works presently in the international opera business, in performing, conducting or directing, or they are free lance teachers or working in US or European universities such as in Vienna, Austria. The Greek Opera Studio participants experience a variety of options expanding and exposing the young artists to the world of opera. We are more than a studio, we include you into our world!       

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